Strategic plan & The Trust

Since 2012, Domaine Saint-Bernard is recognized as one of the five main centers of tourism in Mont-Tremblant. The Domaine annually receives over 85,000 visitors!

Trustees and employees have invested many efforts to generate public awareness about the Domaine, while always respecting the initial mission and vision. The 2014-2020 strategic plan focuses on conservation, recreational and educational objectives through implementation of concrete actions.

The trust and trustees

Trustees are most-especially selected for their enthusiasm, integrity and impartiality. They must be residents of the municipality of Mont-Tremblant.

Since 2000, trustees adamantly fulfill their mandates so that all citizens of Mont-Tremblant may benefit from the site throughout the year.

2015 Annual Report

For 2015, statistics have shown that Domaine Saint-Bernard has increased in popularity:

The number of annual visits to the Domaine exceeded 85,485, a 3% increase compared to the previous year.

Over 800 participants attended the annual picnic for town citizens: a 45% increase compared to 2014.

The 9th edition of the Arts Symposium attracted the largest crowd in its history.

The nature workshops (about 20 workshops) attracted many participants interested in the various themes proposed.

Thus in 2015 our BREATHING OUR NATURE mission statement really set in: inciting citizens of Mont-Tremblant to learn, play and dream in a location where territory, wildlife, flora and natural processes are perpetually protected.

2016 will be a continuation of 2015. The Domaine will host additional events and activities that will encourage citizens to visit Domaine Saint-Bernard and consequently reinforce their sense of belonging to their local eco-touristic park.

Guy Vincent

Domaine Saint-Bernard Trust President

Nos fiduciaires

M. Guy Pressault

M. Luc Dubois
Vice-président et fondateur

M. Guy Vincent

M. Luc Brisebois
Maire de la Ville de Mont-Tremblant et fidiciaire

Dr. David Curtis
Fiduciaire et Fondateur

Mme. Anne Johnston

Mme. Dominique Laverdure

M. François Marcoux
Conseiller à la Ville de Mont-Tremblant et Fiduciaire

M. Denis Primeau

Mme. Johanne C. Prevost

M. Charles Gélinas

M. Daniel Blier