Nature observation

Are you passionate about ornithology and the study of flora?

Domaine Saint-Bernard offers visitors a real field of observation and exploration to discover!

Bird Garden

At the Domaine, enjoy a garden designed specifically to attract a variety of bird species such as blue jays, nuthatches, sparrows, bluebirds, swallows and black-capped chickadees. In all seasons, the bird garden welcomes visitors who are passionate about ornithology.

Laid out in such a way as to favor the presence of trees and shrubs with high food potential for avian fauna, the bird garden also offers nesting boxes. You can also find birdhouses throughout the territory. There are more than 30 nesting boxes.

Are you curious about the bird species recently recorded at the Domaine?

Garden of medicinal plants

The Domaine welcomes you to its garden of medicinal plants! Here, you will discover more than 80 species of plants with fabulous virtues!

You will also have the opportunity to learn about the therapeutic and curative use of plants.

Thanks to the volunteers

The Estate would like to acknowledge the excellent work of the volunteers who devote time and energy to the creation, maintenance and preservation of the gardens.

Marche: M1 fermé. Merci de respecter la signalisation. Invitation à l'Assemblée générale annuelle le 16 avril prochain. Rendez-vous sous l'onglet «Fiducie» pour plus d'informations.