Nature Observation

Are you passionate about ornithology and the study of flora?

Domaine Saint-Bernard offers visitors an authentic natural habitat to observe, explore and discover!!

The Ornithological Garden

At Domaine enjoy a garden landscaped specifically to attract a wide variety of birds like the blue jay, nuthatch, sparrow, bluebird and black-capped chickadee. Throughout the year, the bird garden is open to visitors passionate about ornithology.

The garden is landscaped in such a way as to favour the presence of trees and shrubs which have strong nourishing potential for avian fauna. The garden also features nesting boxes. You can also find 30 nesting boxes throughout the territory.

Are you curious about the species of birds observed at the Domaine recently?

The Medicinal Plant Garden

The Domaine welcomes you to its medicinal plant garden! Discover more than 80 species of medicinal plants! You can also learn about the therapeutic and curative powers of these plants.

Thank You to Our Volunteers

The Domaine wishes to recognize the excellent work of our volunteers who devote time and energy to the creation, maintenance and preservation of the gardens.