Lac Raynaud beach

The beach at Domaine Saint-Bernard

The Domaine invites you to discover the most beautiful beach in Mont-Tremblant! Enjoy a safe, supervised environment offering picnic tables, a volleyball court, game modules and the rental of stand-up boards and canoes at a cost of $20/hour.

Supervision is taken care of by certified lifeguards, every day of the summer, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m until September 5th.

ATTENTION: No inflatable toys are accepted at the beach. Only seat belts are accepted. The Domaine can lend you seat belts at your request.

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Marche: M1 Manicou fermé. Merci de respecter la signalisation. En semaine, merci de payer vos droits d'accès à l'accueil du Grand Saint-Bernard