History and Mission

About the Domaine Saint-Bernard

An ecotourism center of Mont-Tremblant, the Domaine Saint-Bernard offers visitors a unique territory of 1,500 acres of protected nature. You can practice a variety of outdoor activities such as physical, cultural, and educational activities. The domain is established in the heart of an exceptional environment with a biodiversity of fauna and flora. The Domaine Saint Bernard is a recreational and ecological experience rich in history. A favorite spot for nature lovers, the Domaine Saint-Bernard offers simple lodging, groomed trails, a lake, an astronomy pavilion, an outdoor training course and more.

Our mission

“The Domaine Saint Bernard Trust’s mission is to protect and maintain the territory, the fauna, the flora, and the natural processes. At the same time, you may benefit from a natural environment at a fair price and indulge in physical, cultural, educational, recreational, social, and scientifical activities.”

Our vision

“To be recognized as an exemplary model of natural heritage for preservation of recreational, educational, and cultural purposes.”

Our vision

The existence, mission and vision of the Domaine Saint-Bernard are inspired by the first Nation peoples, who have inhabited these lands for generation. Their culture demonstrates a deep connection, understanding, and relationship to medicinal and edible plants that nature has to offer. This relationship materializes in tradition indigenous art that comes in many forms and is grounded in First Nations history heritage.
The first documents referring to the occupation of the Domaine Saint-Bernard date back to the 1890s.
In 1898, Mr. Paul Emile Raynaud became the first owner of the current site of Domaine Saint-Bernard. He bestowed his name to the small lake of the Domaine and outlined a large part of the landscape that we know today. In fact, Mr. Paul Emile found that the land was unsuitable for agriculture and animal husbandry due to the poor quality of the soil. Due to the poor quality of the land, Mr. Paul was left with no other option but to sell it.
It was finally on December 31st, in 1951 that the “Freres de l’Instruction Chretienne” took possession of the territory. They established a vacation, training, and retreat site for their member. Their activities considerably transformed the appearance of the area. They participated in the creation of 33 kilometers of walking trails, contributed to the reforestation of the site by planting roughly 130,000 plants, and developed the walking trail known today as “Les Manics”. The Domaine Saint Bernard becomes the official name of the park.
In 1999, the city of Mont-Tremblant, with the support of the population, acquired the Estate. In November 2000 the city bestowed the territory to a newly created social utility trust organization. The social utility trust organization is a private organization made up of 13 elected trustees who ensure that the integrity of the territory of the Domaine Saint-Bernard is protected and maintained.
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