Get Involved

Les Amis du Domaine is a hundred volunteers who, depending on the season, allow us to carry out our mission.

Les Amis du Domaine volunteer their time by participating in the organization of events that take place at the Domaine, or by contributing to events related to the mission of the Fiducie.

The Velan Pavilion, the Wheeler Route, the Bird Garden, the annual picnic, as well as the Outdoor Concert are among the many projects resulting from the initiative of the Friends of the Domain.

Become a Friend of the Domain

If you are interested in becoming part of the Friends of the Estate, as a volunteer, please fill out the online form, accessible here.

12 hours of volunteering per season gives you access to a pass for the following season! If you wish to give time outside of the planned activities, contact us and we will find an agreement.

Make a donation to the Fondation des Amis du Domaine Saint-Bernard

Would you like to make a donation to encourage our activities and help us preserve the Estate?

The Domaine Saint-Bernard is grateful to all the patrons who, through their great generosity, contribute to the development and preservation of an exceptional natural site.

Suggestion box

We invite you to share your suggestions for events and activities that you would like to benefit from at the Domaine Saint-Bernard.

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