Dogs are not allowed
on the site.

Welcome to
Domaine Saint-Bernard

1500 Acres of
Protected Habitat

Discover an exceptional site, where the preservation of nature and its riches lies at the heart of our activities!

Astronomy at
the Domaine

Discover the night sky with the 2nd largest telescope accessible to the general public in Quebec!

Hiking at
the Domaine

Domaine St. Bernard offers nature lovers more than 37 km of hiking trails in the heart of a protected environment!


Plan your stay at the Domaine by discovering our accommodations situated in an enchanting site!


Domaine St. Bernard hosts school and corporate groups, day camps, university research programs, well-being for retirees and much more!


What are the social distancing measures in place at the Domaine? Are dogs allowed? How to get here, what are our hours and what are the rates?

All your questions are answered!

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