Frequently Asked Questions

Why pay access fees for the site ?

Access fees allow you access to the infrastructures as well as the parking lots. The trails at Domaine Saint-Bernard are free and accessible to everyone.

Can I bring my dog? If not, why not ?

Dogs are not allowed anywhere at the Domaine. To assure the safety of our visitors, the cleanliness of the site and the tranquillity of the wildlife, dogs are forbidden throughout the ENTIRE territory!

Is it possible to smoke or vape on the site or in the various rooms and in the accommodations ?

Since January 2020, the Domaine is a smoke free environment throughout the entire territory.

Can I hunt ?

It is forbidden to hunt, fish and camp throughout the entire territory of the Domaine.

Can I fish ?

It is forbidden to hunt, fish and camp throughout the entire territory of the Domaine.

Can I camp ?

It is forbidden to hunt, fish and camp throughout the entire territory of the Domaine.

Is there WiFi at the Domaine ?

YES, it’s free to join the network.

Are there options for accommodations on site?

The Domaine has three options on site: the FarmHouse (8 people); the Hunting Lodge, with the red roof (12 people) and le Grand Saint-Bernard, with the bell tower (up to 62 people)
The formula that is used is that of a “tourist residence”, i.e. that a person is responsible for their group, and that the reservation is for a minimum of 2 days. The other lodges can be rented by individuals or groups (with special rates for non-profit groups). The Petit Saint-Bernard (PSB) is used to host day camps. For more information, please click here.

Is there a catering service on site ?

The Bistro and Boutique are found in the Pavillion Wheeler. Sandwiches and some local products for your convenience, (sunscreen, water, etc.) are sold.

Can I get married or hold an event at the Domaine?

Yes, it is possible. Several options are available. To learn more, please contact our reservations department directly.

Can I feed the animals on site ? If not, why ?

With the exception of the birds, it is forbidden to feed the animals at Domaine Saint-Bernard. According to town bylaws, it is forbidden to feed the deer, in order to avoid the following problems and nuisances:

  • Higher risk of collisions between the deer and vehicles.
  • A nuisance for neighbors and damage to properties, as deer feed on cedar hedges and shrubs.
  • A decrease in their natural capacity to adapt which allows them to withstand harsh winters in their natural habitat.
  • An increased risk of transmitting diseases between animals and an increased risk of disease spread to humans, especially transmitted by ticks such as Lyme disease.
  • A disruption of natural migratory habits.

In order to avoid these problems, please respect the wildlife we ask for your cooperation in not feeding the deer.

Can I bring my boat onto Lac Raynaud ?

It is forbidden to bring your boats on site to avoid the spread of bacteria in the lake.

Can I have barbecues and camp fires on site?

It is only permitted to have BBQs in the designated sectors at the Domaine.The Domaine does not provide BBQs. It is permitted to make fires in designated areas only for accommodations and rental units. It is forbidden to have campfires or fireworks.

Is it possible to use the site exclusively for my group, sports group or family?

In order to have exclusive use of the site, reservations must be made at There are fees for this type of reservation.

Does my 10 year old child have to pay an entrance fee ?

Access is free for everyone 17 years old and under.

Are there snowmobile and ATV trails ?

It is forbidden to bring snowmobiles and ATVs onto the site at the Domaine. Only authorised personnel may do so.

Does the Domaine belong to the town of Mont Tremblant ?

No, Domaine Saint-Bernard is an ecotourist park that is owned by a Social Utility Trust. It is partially funded through government grant programs (federal and provincial), donations and revenues from all of its day-to-day operations. The town contributes an amount in order to allow its citizens to have free access and to preserve the green spaces of the territory.

Are there washrooms and picnic tables on site ?

We have washrooms and picnic tables accessible to the public.

What are the opening hours of the beach ?

Between June 24 and September 1, everyday from 10h to 18h.

Beach Rules :

  • Swimming is only allowed inside the buoys.
  • Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • The use of any equipment not approved by the government is prohibited, such as buoys and inflatable tubes.
  • The use of fins, masks or snorkels is prohibited.
  • No access to pets.
  • It is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages, glass containers and sound devices to the beach.
  • It is forbidden to light bonfires, BBQs, fireworks or use any other hazardous materials.
  • Camping is prohibited.
  • Prohibitions on using games or pushing each other around..
  • It is prohibited to fish or use boats in the swimming area.
  • There is a ban on boats brought in from outside the site. Only boats rented from the Domaine are permitted.
What activities are available at the Domaine?

Summer : cycling, hiking, the Wheeler training circuit around Lac Raynaud, the Planet trail that reproduces the distance between the planets of the solar system ( on a scale of 1 km), supervised swimming (June 24 until Labor Day), visit the Bird Garden as well as the medicinal and edible plant garden.

Winter : cross country skiing, snowshoeing, winter hikes, cross country ski lessons, hut rental (no sleeping), the Jackrabbit and Janot Lapin des jeunes Richelieu cross country ski programs for youth, Club Tremblant Nordique.

Why is the Domaine called Saint-Bernard ?

This name was given by the Brothers of Christian Instruction, who lived there from 1950 to 2000, and in honour of Saint Bernard, the patron saint of skiers.

The lake is named Raynaud. Who was that ?

P-E Raynaud, a farmer, was the first owner (from 1898 to 1912) of the land that basically comprises the essential 1500 acres (6 km2) of Domaine Saint-Bernard.

And the trail “Le Mennais” ?

Robert de le Mennais was the founder of the congregation of the Brothers of Christain Instruction. A statue honours his memory in the garden near the landfill across the lake.

And the Manicou trail? And the Herman-Deshaies Shelter ?

This trail also bears the name “Path of the Planets” (since 2009 the International Year of Astronomy), because of the interpretive panels on the planets of the solar system, which are arranged to scale, over the distance of a kilometer between Pavilion Velan and the Herman-Deshaies Shelter.

At the beginning of the 1960s, large hydroelectric dams were being constructed on the Manicougan River. The Brothers, principally erman Deshaies, constructed five small dams, les manics, to create trout ponds where the Herman-Deshaies Shelter is located.

Who are the VELAN, KUCHAR and WHEELER pavilions named after ?

They are the donors of these buildings. Karel Velan was the owner of VELAN, a company that specializes in industrial valves. He was also a philanthropist and an astrophysics buff. He published two works on astronomy, The Multi Universe Cosmos: The First Complete Story of the Origin of the Universe (1992) and The Birth and History of the Cosmos (2000). He donated the pavilion that bears his name as well as the professional telescope. The pavilion was inaugurated in October 2005.

The late Joseph Kuchar was the founder of the chemical company Recochem. He was particularly interested in the arts, and since 2005, under the aegis of his daughter Eva, has funded the Symposium des Arts du Domaine Saint-Bernard. The Symposium welcomes over thirty artists each year in the month of August. The Kuchar family donated $75,000 for the construction of the KUCHAR Pavilion, which serves as an annex to the WHEELER Nature Centre.

The Wheeler family founded Gray Rocks Inn at the beginning of the 1900s and installed the first ski lift in the Laurentians. The Wheeler family name is associated with various sports (skiing, golf, tennis), in particular Lucile, who was an Olympic and World champion. Her achievements led to increased opportunities for other Canadian skiers to compete at the international level. The Wheeler Nature Centre and Wheeler Training Circuit are legacies to the community courtesy of Biff and Dianne Wheeler.

How does the Domaine practise ecotourism ?

By promoting activities that link the preservation of ecology, sustainable development alternatives and the involvement of the regional community. The DSB is recognised as a Brundtland Associated establishment and is thus affiliated to the Brundtland Movement (EVB), which advocates ecological, peaceful, cooperative and democratic values. The DSB is continually seeking to increase the energy efficiency of its buildings and its daily operations.

Are the Domaine’s trails connected to the cross country ski and bike trails in Mont-Tremblant ?

YES, notably by the Jack Rabbit bridge, over the riviere du Diable.

Is the tap water drinkable ?

YES. It is checked every two weeks in all of the pavilions.

Do you have to leave the Domaine at a specific time ?

NO. Even if there are no fences and there is no curfew, it is advisable to leave the premises before dark, unless it is with the consent of the management.

What is the role of the Friends of the Domaine ?

The Friends of the Domaine are volunteers who help promote the mission of the trust and support operations. They do this by offering time, expertise, ideas or money to carry out projects, activities or events. No financial contribution is required. This group was formed in 2012. Interested parties can fill in an online form to join the Friends of the Domaine.

What are the advantages?

Friends of the Domaine receive an annual access card after 16 hours of volunteering per year. The required number of hours must be completed before receiving the annual access card.

Do you have to reside in Mont Tremblant to become a Friend of the Domaine ?

NO. Anyone who is interested can become a volunteer.

Is it true that members in good standing of the Ornithological Club of the Upper Laurentians have free access to the Domaine in the summer ?

Answer to come.

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