To be recognized as an exemplary model of natural heritage preservation for eco-recreational, educational and cultural purposes.

This is the ambitious, even daring, new vision that the Domaine Saint-Bernard Trust has adopted in 2022.

This vision is based on three essential values ​​which are:
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This vision consolidates our mission and confirms the development of the Domain around these ends.

The Domaine Saint-Bernard Trust’s strategic plan

2018 was a year of transition for the Domaine Saint-Bernard Trust, just as it was an exceptional year in terms of activities and site visits.

Indeed, there has been a change of guard at the Fiducie with a new executive taking over from a committed and inspiring management led under the chairmanship of Mr. Guy Vincent. The Board of Directors opened its doors to welcome more citizens within it, bringing the number of trustees to 13 people, now including 6 women. The Trust is now more inclusive, more representative, rejuvenated and all the more dynamic.

2019 marks the end of a cycle, that of our 2014-2020 strategic plan. We can congratulate ourselves on having accomplished a great deal over the past five years.[1] But our task remains incomplete. We need to provide the Estate with up-to-date infrastructure and facilities that will further enhance our ecological mission.

Domaine Saint-Bernard contributes a great deal to the identity and life of Tremblant families who consider it a jewel. With its 100,338 visits last year, more than half of which came from our fellow citizens who took part in more than 500 activities, it is one of the busiest places in the region. The Estate is becoming a destination and is increasingly having a considerable impact on the diversification of the tourist offer in our region.

We hope that with the complicity of the citizens of the City of Mont-Tremblant, the Domaine Saint-Bernard can reach its full potential with first-rate ecological facilities, viable access and sufficient resources in order to further enrich the reputation of our region as the third tourist destination in Quebec.

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