Astronomy at the Domain

Attend our astronomy evenings hosted by an amateur astronomer passionate about the subject!

Every Friday from September 9th, representations will be in English. From 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., attend an evening dedicated to astronomy in the dome of the Pavillon Vélan with a 360° projection. Here are the upcoming themes:

January 2023: Asteroids that impacted Earth.

Earth is constantly bombarded by asteroids of all shapes and sizes. Generally small and harmless, from time to time during its history, these impacts had catastrophic effects. New technologies are now being developed to protect us from future potential impacts.

Februrary 2023 : Star nurseries.

In many areas of the sky, there are huge quantities of hydrogen gas left over from the Big Bang. These clouds of gas, called nebulas, are the building blocks for the creation of new stars. We will visit a few of these nebulas and in particular talk of the famous Orion nebula that we will later observe with binoculars and our telescope.

March 2023: Black holes.

These mysterious objects that absorb everything in their neighborhood but remain impossible to see, can be found in many areas of the universe. Stelar black holes resulting from the death of certain stars are distributed everywhere. “Super massive” black holes, often billions of times the mass of our sun, are generally in the center of the galaxies. Comme learn more about these space ogres.

Rates: $20 adults / $10 children

A unique experience to live at the Velan Pavilion

The Velan Pavilion is an astronomical observatory equipped with a high-quality telescope. Observation of celestial objects in the night sky, solar astronomical telescope dedicated to observing the sun and additional outdoor area for observation and the installation of telescopes await you. The pavilion also has a fully equipped screening room that can accommodate up to 50 people.

At the Velan Astronomy Pavilion, you can visit an exhibition on the birth and history of the Cosmos in addition to being introduced to the observation of the sky to discover its wonders.

Open year round, it welcomes the public, school groups, amateur astronomers, private groups, etc. Discover the “Path of the Planets” during a 1 km hike starting near the Velan Pavilion and follow the interpretation panels. They will make you discover the distances that separate the planets.

Astronomy at the Domaine is accessible to school groups, summer camps, day camps, seniors’ clubs and astronomy clubs or any other group. In addition, a host of new features are to come!

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Domaine Saint-Bernard also offers observation evenings and presentations under the dome for groups!

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