History and Mission

A series of developments and restorations inherited from previous eras have enriched the quality of the site over the years.

Around the end of the 19th century, when the property was owned by the Crown, the property was sold to Paul-Émile Raynaud for agricultural purposes. The Domaine has been used as a relaxation and resort area since 1913.

The Brothers of Christian Instruction acquired the site in 1951. They renamed the site Domaine Saint-Bernard in honor of Saint-Bernard de Menthon, patron saint of mountaineers and mountain inhabitants. The brothers occupied and managed the site for 50 years as a relaxation and resort area and undertook ecological management activities: they left a legacy of well-planned forestry conservation and tree-planting activities, and an aquaculture project with the construction of the Manics.


The Domaine Saint-Bernard Trust was created in 2000 with the following mission: “To perpetually protect the territory, wildlife, flora and natural processes, and allow visitors to benefit from a natural and accessible site at an affordable cost for educational, cultural, recreational, social, sporting and scientific pursuits.”

From this mission emerged three values that guide the trustees in all decision-making processes: Respect, Ecology and Welcoming.