Astronomy & Stargazing tour

Astronomy & Stargazing tour

Astronomy & Stargazing tour

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Februrary 2023 : Star nurseries.

In many areas of the sky, there are huge quantities of hydrogen gas left over from the Big Bang. These clouds of gas, called nebulas, are the building blocks for the creation of new stars. We will visit a few of these nebulas and in particular talk of the famous Orion nebula that we will later observe with binoculars and our telescopeRates (Taxes included):

$20 / Adult; $10 / 17 and under; Free for 5 and under

***The presentation starts at 8 p.m., it is essential to arrive 15 minutes in advance because the doors will be lock afterwards.

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Date de fin - 22:30

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22 février 2023 @ 20:00

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